Selected Works

Microsoft Windows 1.11 for Microsoft and Netflix

As part of a combined marketing effort for Microsoft and Netflix; Future Colossal produced a unique digital experience. In this project I was responsible for several portions of the game as well as the sound design of the experience. It went live on the Windows app in 2019 garnered 70,000 unique users. The experience won multiple awards at the 2019 Event Technology Awards and was publicized in numerous news outlets.

You can read some of the press coverage from Polygon Windows 1.11 is a fun Stranger Things 3 puzzle app and CNET Stranger Things time-warps PCs with Windows 1.11 app

Finally, Here are some screen shots and a playthrough of the app: playthrough courtesy of youtube channel Desolation Gaming

Threshold for CEO Action and Price Waterhouse Coopers

Threshold is an interactive LED experience which was installed on a touring bus promoting the CEO Action initiative. This project was live in 2018-2019 and went on tour to hundreds of locations across the continental US.

This project used over 7000 individually addressed RGB "pixels", Unity 3D particle systems and rendering, LiDAR Sensing, custom firmware, and network installation.

Here you can see details of the Price Waterhouse Coopers' CEO Action initiative

Lazer Maze for Beat The Bomb

In this project I worked directly with the client Beat The Bomb to reinvision and productize an mission-impossible-styled lazer maze.

The earlier prototypes use a largely hardware based solution. I took this conceptual foundation and created an OpenCV based computer vision system. This system then integrated with the client's Unity3D games for a clean and more maintainable system.

Some other technologies I integrated as part of this package included DMX conrol for fog machines, custom firmware for controlling the laser beams, and Windos touch-screen integrations for interactive elements.

Workout Demo Application

This was a demo and rapid prototype which I developed at Future Colossal. It was designed to demo a fun interactive experience which users could engage with nothing more than a webcam and a browser.

It showcases web-enabled body tracking technology from TensorFlow.js and augments rendered entirely in HTML5 canvas elements.

Project Tango Telepresence

This project from Semblance AR was based on the Google Project Tango tablet which was the direct predecesor to Google's ARCore in modern phones. The Tango additionally included a depth sensing camera. We used the depth sensing in combination with the spatial awareness capabilites to create a "3D Skype." This allowed users to stream real-time 3D scans for other users to view.

Technologies included Unity3D for android, Google Project Tango, Hardware accelerated H264 video encoding, RTMP negotiation and transmission.